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0W- 40 engine oil – new synthetic oils made for excellent fuel performance

0W-40 engine oil is produced and sold by virtually all big engine oil manufacturers. This fully synthetic product is recommended in a number of vehicle handbooks - be sure to consult yours for reliable help and advice. This multi-grade engine oil remains pumpable at temperatures as low as -40 °C and has a minimum viscosity of 12.5 mm²/s at 100 °C. Its relatively low oil viscosity value is indicated by both of the values in the SAE engine oil designation, 0W-40; this oil product will fully lubricate and effectively protect your engine at any time of year. What's inside a 0W-40 engine oil varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from product to product: mineral, partially synthetic and fully synthetic varieties are all in use. At, we strive to bring you the right engine oil products for your vehicle. That is why we stock engine oils by new and renowned brands such as Mobil, Castrol, and the like. Our site is home to many high quality engine oil products that can extend the service life of your car and make for better performance. Contact us for help whenever necessary or browse our site for the newest performance engine oil products. Of course, you do not have to fear high prices, as we are known for cheap engine oil deals on Mobil oils and great service.

Top-selling engine oil brands and oil products

Mobil 1 New Life™ 0W-40 oil - which avoids the build-up of deposits in the engine and increases its service life - is an example of a new synthetic Mobil engine oil in this viscosity class, which is often in use petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines. BP sells a variety of engine oils in this class under the Castrol trademark (Castrol Edge RS 0W-40 and Castrol EDGE FST 0W-40 oils) and the ARAL trademark (Super Tronic 0W-40 oil products, which are suitable for vehicles with particulate filters). Shell Helix HX8 C 0W-40 performance oil is among its competitors.