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5W-40 engine oil – fully synthetic products for high performance

Many motorists become exasperated when searching for engine oil, because they simply don't know which product to buy. Often, all that's required is taking a look at the handbook for help, since most car manufacturers use it to recommend particular engine oils for your car model. Be sure to follow their advice to protect your engine effectively and avoid invalidating your guarantee. is home to many fully synthetic performance oil products for your engine. If you want to make sure that your engine is protected by the right oils, we ask that you view our massive range. For each of these products, you can view a detailed product and performance description. High performance, fully synthetic engine oils for both cars and bikes are available for order in our shop any day of the year. You can simply add these products to your basket and benefit from free delivery on all qualifying orders. Of course, you can also order parts for your car in our shop. Tyres are available with free delivery as well. Definitely ask for our help if anything is not clear about any fully synthetic engine oil product that you can view on our home page. We are eager to help and happy to offer free delivery whenever possible!

5W40 engine oil – what you should know

5W-40 engine oil is produced by a variety of manufacturers including Liqui Moly and Elf. The combination of letters and numbers refers to a particular SAE oil viscosity class, wherein oil viscosity is defined as the resistance to flow and SAE is an abbreviation for the Society of Automotive Engineers. 5W-40 is a multi-grade oil for every day of the year. The number after the "W" represents the performance oil viscosity at 100 °C, which is 12.5 mm²/s for a 5W-40 engine oil. 5W indicates the minimum temperature of -35 °C at which the oil is still fully pumpable.