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Why should you choose Aral BlueTronic?


When it comes to buying engine oil, there are a number of things that are worth considering. The first thing you need to consider is the type of engine oil. The most highly recommended one for new engines is synthetic oil. 100% synthetic engine oil is made exclusively for modern engines and does not leave behind residue or cause the pistons to lock like mineral oil. The other thing you need to consider is the brand. Aral BlueTronic is one of the leading brands of engine oil which provides complete engine cleanliness, regardless of your operating conditions. It has been extensively tested across an array of vehicles from hatchbacks to vans. Plus, many vehicle manufacturers recommend this brand of motor oil to their buyers.


When should the engine oil be changed?


The engine oil change duration mainly depends on the type of vehicle you own. Some engines can go longer without an oil change than others, and that’s even if they are using the same oil. The other factor is driving conditions. Your engine goes through a great deal of wear with cold starts, stop and start traffic, etc. The key to ensuring that your engine is protected is to use engine oil that’s ideally suited for your driving conditions. In most cases, the Aral BlueTronic is best suited for city and highway driving. However, since it is available in different viscosities, they can be used in SUVs and heavier vehicles. The way best to know the right time to change the engine oil is to keep track of each oil change. Your car’s user manual should indicate how many kilometers it can be run on a single oil change. Though you can run it for a few more kilometers but its always better to change before than after.


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