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Why many experts recommend Aral HighTronic engine oil?


The Aral HighTronic is perhaps a lesser known brand of engine oil but happens to be one of the best available in Europe. It meets the API SN and ACEA C3 specifications. It is recommended for use in Renault, Porsche, Ford, Audi, and VW amongst many others. HighTonic has over the years been extensively tested and proven to be of high quality. Made using a blend of various synthetic base oils the company has said that it can help protect engines in extreme driving conditions. In addition, its unique mixture of additives helps to increase longevity and its engine cleaning properties. HighTonic motor oil can be used in diesel and gasoline engines alike. Though it is perhaps highly recommended for VW vehicles that use Pump-Nozzle type engines.


How to replace the motor oil in your car? 


In most vehicles replacing the motor oil is a straightforward process outlined in the user manual. Also, most professionals will change the oil for you for a small fee. That said the process of replacing the motor oil is not as important as perhaps the type of motor oil used. It goes without saying that there are great engine oils and then they are ones that appear to be great, but they are actually pretty low quality. It is, for this reason, that car manufacturers will only recommend brands that they trust. So, when you have brands like VW, Porsche and many others recommending Aral HighTronic motor oil you know it is good. All you have to do is to purchase a motor oil with the right viscosity. The viscosity is often something mentioned in the car’s user manual.


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