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What’s new with the Aral SuperTronic motor oil?


The latest formulation of the Aral SuperTronic has been designed from the ground up to improve engine performance. A vehicle’s engine performance is increased by mainly enhancing the flow of lubricant throughout the engine. Plus, the company has used a special series of additives which are proven to protect the engine by continuously cleaning away sludge. The end result is that the new SuperTronic is now much better for both older and newer engines alike as they greatly benefit from its engine protection formula. In addition, the motor oil is available for both gasoline and diesel engine vehicles. The only thing that buyers will need to consider is its viscosity since its available with different ratings.


How to know you’re buying good motor oil?


Many people assume that expensive motor oil has to be good while all the cheap ones are not worth it. In reality, this is not the case. When it comes to buying motor oil you need to look beyond just the packaging, marketing, and advertising. You need to examine real-world proof associated with the motor oil. While top brands like Shell and Caltex spend billions of advertising and while they do have excellent motor oil, there are other equally good alternatives like Aral SuperTronic. Even though it is a relatively lesser known brand it’s quality has improved dramatically over the years and so has its range of engine oils sold. Now we can openly recommend the brand as it is as good as other oils that we sell but is slightly cheaper. The other good thing about Aral is that like big brands the packaging and warranty is excellent.


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