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A Look Into The History Of Aral Oils

Aral is a very popular oil and lubricants brand that is present in Germany. The Aral company has its headquarters in Bochum in Germany. It was founded in the year 1898. Aral is also known for its petrol stations. Apart from the petroleum products, Aral oils and lubricants are also very famous and popular in most parts of Europe. The engine oils from Aral are all high-performance oils that are specially designed to meet the needs of the modern-day engines. These motor oils are suitable for both Asian and American vehicles as well.

Types Of Aral Engine Oils On Sale Online

Aral Tronic 15W-40 - These are multifunctional engine oils made using mineral base oils. They also have the right additives to meet the needs of petrol and gasoline engines. Aral HighTronic G 5W-30 - This high performing motor oil is made using synthesis technology and meets all the performing standards. They offer optimum protection and long service life. Aral SuperTurboral LA 5W-30 - These auto oils are made to suit the modern day European diesel engines. They offer extended oil drain intervals and has low ash, low phosphorus and low sulfur content. Aral HighTronic M 5W-40 - This is a synthetic motor oil that is suited for automatic diesel and petrol engines. They perfectly suit the engines of high-end luxury cars. Aral EcoTronic F 5W-20 - This Aral oil is designed to suit Ford engines with EcoBoost technology. They offer low viscosity, better wear protection, fuel economy, and meets Asian and American performance standards.

The Main Features Of The Popular Aral Engine Oils

Most of the Aral engine oils are made with the SAPS technology in mind and this means that the oils are on low ash, low phosphorus and low sulfur content. They are fully synthetic oils that are suited to meet the requirements of high performing motor engines. These Aral car oils are known to save fuel an also ensure very less friction between the moving parts of the engine. The auto oil will form a thin protective layer over the engine and its parts even at low and high temperatures. They offer very low viscosity and also offer long oil change intervals. You can buy these oils without needing to compromise on quality only at