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Antifreeze, as the name suggests, is a particular type of additive added to liquid like water or coolant which prevents it from freezing when the temperature goes below zero. However, even though you may live in a part of the world where the temperature does not hit zero but gets very near it, using antifreeze can prevent the liquid from causing damage to the pumps. Antifreeze can also ensure that the car runs optimally through winter. That said you need to use the right type for optimal performance.


What is a good Antifreeze go buy?


When it comes to buying Antifreeze, the choices are literally in the dozens. The different prices are enough to confuse the average buyer who would for all intents and purposes want to go with the cheapest brand or perhaps some may wish to buy the most expensive one to be assured of great quality. However, the fact is that all types of additives tend to be different in terms of their quality and performance. To be assured of high quality always buy from a brand that you trust. That said there are only a handful of really trustworthy brands.



When to add an additive to your oil?


Most people will understandably add antifreeze to their engine oil as soon as the temperature begins to plummet. However, before you add any type of additive to your engine oil first make sure that you have added winter oil to your car. Winter engine oil is slightly thinner and already contains enough additives to prevent freezing. That said if your oil is lighter than it should be and you haven’t changed the oil for some reason only in that case will adding an anti-freezing additive make the most sense. If you are unsure, then contact a professional.



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