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Qualities of the Castrol 5W-30

The Castrol 5W-30 also called the Castrol EDGE is one of the most successful lubricant formulations in Europe by the brand. The 5W-30 viscosity provides excellent motor protection for engines that need to work unusually hard. Whether you need to drive through difficult terrain, heavy traffic, etc. the EDGE protection will ensure that the engine does not overheat and gets the required lubrication. Not to mention the fact that it maximizes performance. The other popular 5W-30 formulation by the brand is called High Mileage and is meant for vehicles that have over 75000 kilometers on the odometer.

Which cars can benefit from a 5W-30 oil

The qualities of a 5W-30 oil are generally that it flows smoothly during the winter and offers quicker startup for engines. However, lubricant manufacturers use a series of special additives which further enhances the qualities of the oil. Castrol, for instance, uses different additives based on what type of vehicle it will be used in. The High Mileage brand, for instance, includes a series of engine cleaning and protection additives which further increases the longevity of the engine. The EDGE brand uses additives which extends the need for an oil change while protecting the engine during extreme driving conditions.

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