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Why is Castrol CLASSIC important for vintage cars?


What’s the difference between the latest engines and those that were used prior to the late 80s? Well even though they may both appear to be the same, the fact is that they are very different. Vintage or classic engines were not designed for fuel economy they were designed to deliver a lot of power. Older cars had heavier bodies as a matter of fact throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s; cars were becoming larger and heavier. So, to keep up with the weight engines were larger, louder and required lubrication which could handle that type of pressure. Unfortunately, as good as the latest engine oils have become they are not ideally suited to classic cars, but that’s where the Castrol CLASSIC line of motor oil comes in for anyone who owns a classic.


Can Classic be used in all Vintage cars?


While even back then car manufacturers would recommend specific viscosities and types of synthetic oil it didn’t matter as much as it does today. The Castrol CLASSIC can be used in all vintage cars with the only difference being perhaps in their varying quantity. Some classic cars require up to seven liters of oil so you’ll need to buy accordingly. Plus, Castrol has put a slight twist on their Classic oil by adding a series of additives which protects, cleans and boosts the life of an engine. These additives were not available back then, but by using these in the oil, the performance of your vintage car improves. That said before you put any type of new oil in your vintage vehicle always consult a mechanic. It goes without saying not all vintage cars may have genuine vintage engines.


Vintage motor oil at your doorstep has been selling top quality engine oil for decades. We have continued to partner with leading brands like Castrol to bring the latest oils to our buyers. However, the Castrol CLASSIC remains to be one of our best sellers, and we happen to be the few online stores that sell it at a bargain price. So, if you own a classic now is the time to get it. In addition, if you decide to buy in bulk, you will be offered a discount. Regular customers get informed of seasonal discounts.