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What is different about the Castrol EDGE-Professional?


The Castrol EDGE-Professional has been one of the flagship motor oils for Castrol over the years. The brand has consistently improved the quality by adding additives and changing the formulation to suit modern engines. However, the one thing that separates the Professional line of motor oil from the company’s other brands is the fact that its meant for mainly vans and large cars. In addition, it can be used in vehicles that already have over 20,000 miles on them. Edge-Professional is considered to be one of the strongest motor oils which not only keeps the engine clean but also boosts performance. It is also recommended by many professionals across the world.


How to buy a Castrol motor oil?


Many people assume that you go about buying a Castrol motor oil like any other oil which is partially true. Castrol sells an array of motor oil types which range for those for trucks to motor cycles and cars. Then there are different motor oils for each category. Take for instance Castrol sells close to half a dozen types for cars, which includes the Edge-Professional line of motor oil. Each type of oil is meant for a specific type of engine. So, if you have an older car the Castrol EDGE-Professional will be ideally suited. It will also be ideally suited for cars that are driven heavily and the oil is not changed on time. That said car manufacturers and Castrol both recommend that vehicle owners change their oil in time to ensure a long engine life. The other thing you need to do is to buy motor oil of the right viscosity. Check your car’s user manual for the viscosity before purchasing.


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