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What is new with the latest Castrol GTX?


Castrol has over the years been studying engines of daily driven vehicles which are subject to heavy traffic, harsh weather, low fuel quality and overdue oil changes. The company observed that the oil as a result becomes a tar like substance often referred to as sludge. If this sludge is not removed it will without a doubt do widespread engine damage. However, the Castrol GTX motor oil has been designed to prevent the build-up of this sludge by reducing the amount of oil deposits which in turn ensures that the engine is protected. The only thing that vehicle owners need to do is to buy the right viscosity for their vehicle which is usually mentioned in the car’s user manual or the oil cap. Our experts can also help identify the right oil based on the vehicle’s make and model.


What has Castrol added to the oil?


It goes without saying that Castrol has developed the GTX lineup of motor oil over the course of many years. The GTX motor oil available today is very different from what it was years ago. Today, it uses what’s called a ‘Double Action Formula’, which extends engine life by cleaning away all the sludge. It is something that Castrol claims to have tested in engines known to have many deposits. In addition, the advanced protection formula helps to prevent thermal breakdown. The use of premium base oils coupled with anti-wear additives extends engine life considerably. So, its definitely an excellent choice for anyone with a vehicle that’s over 5 years old or people who have recently purchased a used car the engine condition of which is relatively unknown.


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