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What is new with the Castrol MAGNATEC?


The Castrol MAGNATEC line of motor oil has been around for over 20 years. However, Castrol has continuously changed the formulation keeping in mind the ever changing landscape of engine design. Today’s engines are designed to be fuel efficient, and so they put a different sort of stress on the engine. Plus, modern engines are made from lighter materials many of which are a combination of various metals. The Magnetic line of motor oil was recently revised to make it better at handling daily driven cars which are always stuck in traffic, driven under challenging conditions like hills and over potholes. The motor oil is especially good at saving the engine when it is consistently started and stopped as many of the latest cars automatically stop the engine when at a traffic light or during slow moving traffic.


Who should use the Magnetic line of motor oil?


Since it is designed for cars that are driven in heavy traffic, it is an obvious choice for vehicle owners who drive to and from work. However, the Castrol MAGNATEC does more than just protect your engine. The motor oil is designed to improve overall fuel efficiency and improve the removal of sludge. The formulation has over the years been honed to ensure that engine wear is kept to a minimal. Plus, unlike what most people assume it can be used in cars ranging from hatchbacks to sedans and vans. The only difference is perhaps that you need to buy the right viscosity. The viscosity is often mentioned in the car’s user manual, and it is also on our website which makes it easy to find the right one.


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