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How good is the latest Castrol POWER-1?


The Castrol POWER-1 is touted as being one of the best and latest formulations by the company. It is the newest addition to the company’s line of high-quality motorcycle motor oil. Castrol is one of the leading manufacturers of engine lubricants, and their latest Power-1 for motorcycles and scooters just goes to show how good their oils have become. The new product promises to trill motorcycle owners with better engine performance. Tested across dozens of motorcycles and scooters it has shown to increase acceleration from a stand still and from slow to fast moving traffic. The oil has also been shown to protect the life of the engine hence extending its life considerably. It is also the perfect engine oil for brand new motorcycles as it helps to preserve the engine condition. All of this makes the new POWER-1 worth considering.


Who should use the new Castrol motorcycle oil?


The Castrol POWER-1 is branded as high-performance motor oil for motorcycles, but it can be used in any motorcycle. You don’t have to own a superbike to take advantage of this engine oil. What’s more, if you own an old motorcycle which often suffers from stuttering or slow acceleration the Power-1 will help to improve that considerably. Though the best way to take advantage of Power-1’s true strength is to make sure that all of the oil motor oil is drained before the new one is put. You’ll also want to replace associated filters for a further improvement. Also, keep in mind that older motorcycles may have engine problems that can only be fixed with an overhaul and not just Power-1 engine oil.


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