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A Look Into Castrol And Its Oils

Castrol is a world leader when it comes to manufacturing, distributing and marketing of quality engine oils, lubricants, greases and other related products for the automotive, industrial, and marine world. The headquarters of this company is in the United Kingdom. Castrol has its wings spread across 40 different countries around the world. Castrol makes lubricants and oils to suit 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles, petrol and diesel engine cars, etc. There are a wide range of car oils and lubes on offer like automatic transmission fluids, waxes, chain lubricants, coolants, brake fluids, greases, suspension fluids, and of course, motor oils. All the oils are developed to suit the various vehicles to offer better protection for the engine.

Why It Is Recommended To Use Castrol Oils?

The Castrol engine oil is considered to be the soul of the car. This is the oil that provides the necessary lubrication that the moving parts of the engine like pistons, rods, and the valves need. If you do not use quality motor oil, the metal parts of the engine will rub against each other violently and finally will seize up. The Castrol oil is made using the right blend of additives and base oil to offer long service life and low viscosity. These oils are classified as conventional and synthetic and hence will suit all types of car brands and engines. The synthetic engine oils are the best for high end and new vehicles. If you want to buy quality and genuine oils, then you need to shop online at the store.

Types Of Castrol Oils On Sale

The Castrol engine oils on sale include EDGE Titanium FST Turbo Diesel 5W-40, EDGE Professional Titanium FST A1 5W-20, EDGE Titanium FST5W-40, EDGE Professional Titanium FSTLonglife 3 5W-30, EDGE Supercar 10W-60, SyntraxLonglife75W-140, etc. The brake fluids offered by Castrol include REACT Performance DOT 4, brake fluid DOT 4, REACT SRF Racing, etc. The automatic oil from Castrol includes Transmax Dual, ATF Multivehicle, Transmax Dex III Multivehicle, ATF Dex II Multivehicle, Transmax Z, etc. All these oils and lubes are made to offer optimized performance under all types of conditions. The comprehensive range of Castrol oils are designed to offer the right oils needed for different types of vehicles to make it efficient and a high performer.