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What vehicles can benefit from Cepsa 5W-40?

Cepsa 5W-40 high-performance motor oil is manufactured with a couple of goals in mind. The first and perhaps the most important goal for the company has been engine protection. The current specification is meant for the most demanding passenger vehicles regardless of if they are running on petrol or diesel. According to the company, 5W-40 grade oil can be used in sedans and vehicles that come equipped with common rail injection as well as multivavles. However, the oil shouldn’t be used in vehicles with a DPF particulate filter.

The benefits of using Cepsa motor oils

Cepsa 5W-40 can improve cold flow which allows for the rapid circulation of the oil as well as protecting the most delicate parts from wear and tear. Rapid circulation means near instant cold start even during sub-zero temperatures. Low volatility means that the car consumes a lot less oil and so its perfect for cars that are driven several hundred kilometers annually. The formulation also includes additives which prevent the formation of various types of unwanted deposits in turbocharged engines. Add to that anti-friction capability and better fuel economy which makes it the oil of choice for most vehicles. Above all Cespa engine oils, in general, are environmentally friendly.

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