Buy CASTROL 15W-40 Engine oil

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Why choose the Castrol 15W-40?

The Castrol 15W-40 is Castrol’s brand new formulation which improves engine performance and output considerably. The new formulation includes an anti-sludge formula which aims at providing a 25% improved protection as compared to other oils. Additionally, the oil helps to protect the engine against high temperatures and the daily stresses of daily driven vehicles. Experts report that the lubricant provides at least a 50% thermal improvement compared to even the toughest API standards. To top it all off, Castrol is one of the leading names in the oil and gas industry with an industry leading manufacturing process.

Which types of vehicles will benefit from it?

According to experts daily driven sedans, hatchbacks and vans will benefit most from Castrol 15W-40. All 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines which have been manufactured after 1995 will take perhaps have the most to gain. However, it also offers superior protection for multivalve, catalytic converters, and turbochargers. Additionally, the fact that is that it provides much longer oil change intervals compared to other competing brands. So, you’ll save money in the long term when driving most modern vehicles and using a Castrol motor oil.

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