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Why do car manufacturers recommend the Castrol 75W?

Also referred to as the Castrol Syntrans, it is a fully synthetic transmission oil which is recommended by the majority of car manufacturers. It is recommended for use in manual or dry clutch transmissions where using an API GL 4 lubricant is important. The oil also comes approved for use in Ford vehicles. The Castrol 75W comes recommended for almost all brands of Ford vehicles and other car brands sold in the UK. That said before using it in your vehicle it is important to refer to the car’s user manual to make sure it is right one.

Top features of Castrol oil

One of the top benefits of the low viscosity synthetic formulation of the Castrol 75W is that it offers the best fuel economy while minimizing wear and tear. It also reduces the pressure on your car’s transmission during rough driving conditions. It also ensures much better flow during extreme cold climates while improving shift quality for drivers. The fact that it is able to maintain stable high temperature flow and cleanliness means that you can prolong the time in between changing the transmission fluid. Though most car manufacturers advise against doing it since it risks the stability of the transmission.

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