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Can Castrol Automatic oil be trusted?

Castrol is without a doubt one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of all types of lubricants in Europe. The company has a reputation for ensuring that all lubricants are up to the highest standards set by the company. Castrol has over a hundred years of experience manufacturing transmission fluids. Castrol Automatic oil is designed for the latest gearboxes that require a totally different formulation. Plus the oil ensures that the gears shift smoothly under any and all driving conditions while minimizing wear yet reducing noise.

How to change ATF?

Changing the ATF fluid or automatic oil varies from one car to the next. In some vehicles changing the transmission fluid is as easy as draining the old fluid and adding the new one. However, with others, you’ll need special equipment. That said before you decide to buy Castrol Automatic oil make sure that you know how much you’ll need, i.e., 2 liters, 4 liters or 6 liters. Also, refer to your car’s user manual to determine how the oil needs to be changed. Fortunately, most automotive mechanics will change the transmission fluid for you, and it’s a relatively cheap job.

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