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EDGE Longlife 2 0W-30
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What is the new Castrol EDGE-FST all about?

Castrol has over the years managed to hone their lubricants a great deal. Every three years the company comes out with a formulation that’s better and geared towards the latest engine technology. The Castrol EDGE-FSTis based on the latest EDGE technology which changes the way lubricants behave when under pressure. The new formulation contains small soluble titanium polymers which work in harmony with the new Fluid Strength Technology. The polymers help to reduce friction significantly hence improving performance while at the same time preventing a significant amount of wear.


Castrol EDGE-FST is based on the TITANIUM FST technology which has been developed by EDGE. What this does is effectively doubles the layer of film, enhancing its strength, preventing the breakdown of oil and further reducing friction. All of which leads to maximum engine performance. The other advantage of the technology is that it helps clean debris and residue from the engine. A cleaner engine obviously lasts longer. Plus, its compatible with all the latest EURO certified engines and adheres to the most stringent quality assurance specifications.

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