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Castrol EDGE-Titanium-FST formulation


The Castrol EDGE-Titanium-FST uses what’s called TITANIUM FST, which maximizes protection of all engines yet ensures maximum performance. Today’s engines operate at much higher tolerances, and so they require a very high level of engine protection with low viscosity oils. The new formulation helps to improve short and long-term engine performance. It also clears away deposits and ensures better engine response. The protection offered is across a wide spectrum of driving conditions making it perfect for both those who drive in the city and even for long distance drives. The new formulation has been independently proven to boost engine performance.


Can Castrol EDGE branded oils be used longer?


Many people incorrectly associate a good lubricant which lasts them beyond what is normally considered good. While there are engine oils that can go a few hundred kilometers even after an oil change is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer but it is certainly not something we advise. The Castrol EDGE-Titanium-FST uses the latest formulation, but it shouldn’t be run for longer than necessary. Please refer to your car’s user manual to determine when the oil should be changed. As a rule of thumb, it is better to change it a few dozen kilometers before what is recommended than after.


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