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What are Hydraulics-compressor-oil Castrol?


Many people may not know this, but hydraulics require a totally different type of lubricant as compared to your engine or any other mechanical part. Hydraulic compressor oils need to fulfill a number of requirements one of which is to be rubber friendly. The compressor around most hydraulic based machines are covered in rubber, plus the gaskets are made from rubber too, so the oil needs to be compatible with them. The other important feature of good hydraulic oil is the fact that it should be able to transfer and multiply power efficiently after all that’s the whole idea of hydraulics. It is for this reason that many experts and manufacturers of hydraulic systems recommend Hydraulics-compressor-oil Castrol. If anything, it guarantees the long life of your machine which in itself is a huge savings.


Where can hydraulic oils be used?


Also known as compressor oil, hydraulic oils can be used in any machine that employs hydraulics. Hydraulics by definition means transferring of power by diverting it through oil or liquid in general. The hydraulics function by continuing to build pressure via the compressor. The hydraulic jack, for instance, lifts the car by forcing hydraulic oil to collect at a point and build enough strength with each movement of the lever until the vehicle reaches the required height. So, the one crucial factor here is good hydraulic oil. That’s where using genuine Hydraulics-compressor-oil Castrol comes in. The better the oil, the more efficiently the machine will function. Plus, it will ensure that all connected parts are properly lubricated and protected. Please keep in mind the fact that there are differences between brake oil and hydraulic oil and they are both not interchangeable despite the fact that they seem to fulfill a similar function, i.e. building pressure at a given point.


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