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What is Two-stroke-oil Castrol meant for?

Castrol manufactures lubrication oil for an array of engine types. However, two stroke engines are usually found in motorcycles. Though being similar to other regular engines, two stroke engines require a slightly different type of lubrication technology. It is for this reason that regular motor oil cannot be used in a two stroke engine. Two-stroke-oil Castrol has been designed with motorcycles and other two stroke engines in mind. So, you have the peace of mind knowing that your engine is protected.

How does it protect the engine?

One of the most prominent features of Two-stroke-oil Castrol is its engine protection technology. The technology works by coating the moving pistons with a layer of special lubrication which prevents excessive wear and tear. Bear in mind that two-stroke engines perform under much higher stress with the pistons having to move faster and more frequently. The oil ensures that they remain cool while providing better cold starts and stops.

Buy only genuine Castrol oil

We at only sell genuinely branded oil with Castrol being one of the brands we proudly partner with owing to its quality. So, our buyers can be assured of only original oils which come backed by a warranty. Whether you own a small two stroke buggy or a motorcycle, the Two-stroke-oil Castrol is what we recommend. Find the best prices for two stroke engine oil at