Buy ELF 5W-40 Engine oil

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Why buy Elf 5W-40 motor oil?

Elf is one of the leading European brands of motor oil sold in the UK. However, one of the prime reasons why motorists choose the brand is owing to its excellent reputation as helping improving engine efficiency. The Elf 5W-40, for instance, uses a unique formula which helps keep the engine cool, while lubricated to ensuring better cold starts. The company’s commitment to continually improving the formula, coupled with the fact that it's comparatively cost-effective makes it worth considering for any motorist.

Which cars can use a 5W-40 engine oil?

Generally speaking, the 5W-40 is a viscosity that’s best used in smaller engines. Cars like the Yaris, with smaller capacity engines, benefit best from a 5W-40 oil. That said before you choose a viscosity it's important to consider the weather and the car manufacturer’s recommendation. So, refer to your car’s user manual to see if they list a 5W-40 as a recommended viscosity. Secondly, since it is a thinner oil, it's best used during the winter in the UK. The Elf 5W-40 also benefits from the use of special additives which helps boost start times and reduces engine wear during slow traffic.

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