10W-40 SHPD

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10W-40 SHPD

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10W-40 SHPD

High Performer SAE 10W-40 SHPD Full-Year Oil (HC-Synthetic), is a universal low-viscosity motor oil, made partially from HC base oils for all otto and diesel engines, with or without turbo charging in car, truck, city buses and agricultural vehicles. The partial use of HC-synthesis base oil and modern hi-tech additives give this motor oil and exceedingly high performance level.


  • API: SL/CF-4; CG-4; CH-4; CI-4;

  • ACEA: A3-02/B3-02/B4-02/E3-02/E5-02

  • ACEA: A3-04/B3-04/B4-04/ E7 - 04

    Approved under a different name for:

  • Mercedes Benz: 229.1 + 228.3

  • Renault RVI RLD-2

  • MAN M3275

  • Mack EOM

  • MTU Type 2

  • Global DHD-1


  • Cummins 20076/7/8

  • ZF TE-ML 07C/04C

  • VW 505.00

  • SCANIA Long Drain

    High Performer SAE 10W-40 SHPD (HC-Synthetic) is great across the year, whatever the weather. It guarantees a reduced cold start wear, offers protection when driving at full speed in summer, and doesn't lose its lubricity even at high oil temperatures. It reduced the fuel usage by a few percent lowers the exhaust particulates in diesel engines compared to conventional SAE 15W-40 motor oils.

    All additives used are perfectly tailored to each other. This motor oil unites the following properties:

  • The extraordinarily high detergent properties nearly exclude the formation of impurities in the combustion chamber.

  • Prevents the formation of deposits, lak and sludge (black sludge) on the cylinders, pistons, valves; spark plugs and turbo loaders.

  • The formation of cold sludge and impurities on the engine and the sump are also prevented thanks to the excellent dispersant properties.

  • Guarantees an extraordinarily low oil usage, among other things through the low evaporation loss of the HC oil based, synthetically made base oil.

  • Protects against corrosion, even when using diesel fuel with high sulphur content, which are still available in Eastern Europe.

  • This motor oil guarantees a flawless function of the hydraulic tappet (hydraulic valve adjuster)

  • Does not attack sealing materials and can be mixes with all brand oils.

Gebrauchsnummern 15683701
Field of operation Bus
Heavy commercial vehicles
Light commercial vehicles
Release ACEA A3-02
ACEA B3-02
ACEA B4-02
ACEA E3-02
ACEA E5-02
Cummins 20076/7/8
Global DHD-1
MAN M3275
MB 228.3
MB 229.1
MTU Type 2
Mack EOM
Renault RVI RLD-2
Scania Long Drain
Volvo VDS-3
Viscosity 10W-40
Characteristics All-season oil
Low-viscosity oil


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