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Why the engine oil is so important?

Engine oil is one of an essential fluid for your vehicle. As the term suggests, its job is to keep your engine lubricated to prevent overheating, breaking down of the pumps and rust from building up. A high-quality engine oil with the right mixture of additives can assure you of minimum engine wear and tear. Though all engines are subject to some degree of wear and tear the right engine oil can make a huge difference in long term engine performance and efficiency.


Types of engine oil


There are various types of motor oil. The two main categories are synthetic and natural oil. The vast majority of vehicles on the roads today use synthetic oil. The case for synthetic oil being that it already has everything that the engine needs for optimal performance. The other critical aspect you need to consider when buying engine oil is viscosity which is usually rated on the bottle as 0W-40 or 5W-50. Some engines require thicker oil while others require thinner. That said it also depends on the environment in which the vehicle is driven and how hard it is pushed. The best way to buy the right oil is to refer to your car’s user manual or consult with a certified mechanic.


The best selection of oil


We currently have the best selection of the highest quality engine oil by brands such as Comma, Castrol, and Motul amongst many others. So, you can be assured of the highest quality oil for your engine. That said if you still need help finding the right engine oil do not hesitate to call or email us for assistance.