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About Ford Oil Manufacturer

The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. The auto parts brand of Ford motor company Motorcraft produces the motor oils for the vehicles. Motorcraft was launched in 1972 to manufacture replacement parts and OEMs. Motorcraft sells their product through Ford and Lincoln–Mercury dealerships. The car oils available from the company include viscosity index 5W- 20 to 15W- 40. The company offers engine oils for cars, trucks, construction vehicles, and buses.

Why You Need Ford Motor Oil?

When you have Ford make of vehicle, it is necessary that you use engine oil specified by the manufacturer for proper maintenance of its engine. The quality car oil lubricates the engine and protects it from frictional heat and residue build-up. If engine oil with proper viscosity is not used for the engine, the friction of metal parts can cause great damage to the engine. Regular oil changes are necessary to make the engine work with optimum efficiency and also deliver top end performance. The Ford engines need synthetic blended oils with Ford specifications.

Know About 5W-30 Formula F Ford Motor Oil

The 5W-30 Formula F motor oil from Ford is a fuel saving modern engine oil. This is designed and engineered for gasoline powered Ford vehicles. This is a low viscosity oil successor to the Formula E from Ford. This oil is suitable for most of the Ford vehicles, especially cars except a few. According to the specification of the oil, it reduces the fuel usage of the vehicle by 0.5% compared to Formula E. 5W-30 Formula F offers optimum performance in standard as well as multi-valve engines. This oil meets WSS-M2C929-A and ILSAC GF-4 specifications by Ford. This quality oil offers enhanced performance at low temperature with 5W 30 viscosity index. Buy this high quality oil from the renowned online store Features Offered By 5W-30 Formula F Ford Oil The important features offered by the 5W-30 Formula Ford oil are: Lowers the friction of engine parts and lowers fuel usage. This oil is formulated using hydro-processed base oils with performance additives to improve fuel economy and to reduce friction. The low viscosity of the oil prevents oil thickening and make the engine remain clean. Offers excellent lubrication and reduces the burden on the motor at colder cranking period. Reduces polluting gas emission from the vehicle.