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Why buy the Fuchs 10W-60 motorcycle oil?

The Fuchs 10W-60 also called the Silkolene Pro 4, is specially designed for water cooled 4 stroke motorcycle engines. The oil comes highly recommended by experts for large capacity engines, especially those that run through hot conditions as well as in engines which need to deal with significantly higher fuel dilution. It should be the oil of choice for engines of 400cc and larger.

Special motorcycle oil helps you save fuel

The FUCHS 10W-60 was developed with fuel savings in mind. Tests conducted show that it helps save 11% more fuel. The formulation was tested and compared with other competing products. The so-called ‘XP Technology’ developed by FUCHS improves fuel consumption by upping engine performance. XP Technology also ensures 18% lower oil consumption, so users spend a lot less on oil in the long-term.

Improved torque and power

Many FUCHS 10W-60 users have reported a 3% improvement in engine power output. However, the figure varies depending on the vehicle, engine condition, and driving conditions. That said almost everyone will notice a slight improvement. A good engine oil as a general rule of thumb also extends the life of an engine regardless of how much it is driven and the conditions it is driven under. It is for this reason that we only recommend top brands like FUCHS. We currently sell a selection of branded motorcycle engine oils from leading brands. Buy an engine oil you can trust from, and save money on every purchase.