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Titan GT1 5W-40
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Why you should use Fuchs 5W-40 engine oils?

The modern-day engines are designed to meet the needs of busy individuals. You will find fuel efficient and down-sized engines, with features like start-stop technology as a given in most of the modern-day cars. These modern-day engine design concepts put a lot of stress and strain on the engine oils as they need to be at their very best to offer better lubrication and also circulate quickly. With Fuchs5W-40 engine oil in the engine oil reservoir, your car’s engine will not suffer any stress and will offer high performance. 

The different types of Fuchs 5W-40 engine oil

The 5W-40 engine oils from Fuchs come in a wide range of options and types namely:Fuchs Titan Supersyn.Fuchs Titan GT1.FuchsTitan SupersynLonglife.Fuchs TitanCFE. The Titan series of oils are premium 5W-40 oils that offer great performance for all kinds of temperature ranges. It offers very good lubrication, quick starts, and reduced fuel consumption when you use this oil in your cars. These oils are suited for diesel engines and the gasoline engines. The Fuchs oils are made using XTL technology and have a high viscosity index and longer aging stability.

Buy original Fuchs 5W-40 for engine, smooth performance

In order to get the best out of the Fuchs 5W-40 synthetic engine oil, you need to buy only genuine oils. You can find the best quality oils at the lowest prices at store.