Buy FORD 5W-30 Engine oil

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Why Buy Ford Formula F engine oil?

Formula F engine oil has been specifically designed and manufactured for Ford vehicles. The company requires that owners of the vehicles use their specific oil in new vehicles to maintain its warranty. Cars registered after March 2010 and onwards need to use this oil. That said the company released a press statement whereby stating that using different quality oils and by different manufacturers may cause unusual wear and tear. It is for this reason that the company’s specially designed oil should be used.

Added protection and better performance

The Formula F Oil gives the engine a greater level of protection against sudden failure, wear and tear as well as removes deposits. Older cars can benefit from the oil too since it helps clean the engine and prevents thickening of the oil which can slow down the pistons. Better fuel economy is another reason to use Ford’s oil, especially when compared to 10W-40 oils made by other manufacturers. Tests have shown that the Formula F oil provides better stress protection especially in the latest engines which are meant to output more power but by consuming less fuel.

Buy the oil you need today

Buying a good oil is always going to pay dividends in terms of good engine performance, fuel economy and overall engine maintenance. Car manufacturers like Ford make some of the best oils for their engines, and we make sure to sell only original oils by these manufacturers. At we sell oils at competitive prices so that you always save money when buying from us.