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What is new with the Fuchs Titan-GT1?

The Titan GT1 Pro Flex is a 5W-30, premium quality engine oil that’s meant for vans and passenger cars. The new formulation uses Fuchs’ XTL-Technology, which offers better performance across a full spectrum of temperatures that range from low to extremely high. That means that your engine is protected and lubricated regardless of how hot or cold it is. Now, this translates to a significant list of benefits for engines that are highly stressed especially ones that are turbocharged, and ones with stop/start type systems installed. The other perhaps more noticeable advantage of the Fuchs Titan-GT1 is that it offers quicker starts. It is best suited for the latest vehicles that use advanced exhaust gas systems with particulate filters and catalysts since it provides better engine life. Additionally, it helps to lower fuel consumption compared to similar SAE-class lubricants.

When should your engine oil be changed?

The best time to change your engine oil is when it gets old. When your engine oil has crossed its permitted usage time that’s when it needs to be changed. Most automotive manufacturers provide you with a chart which should help with figuring out how many kilometers you’ve driven after the previous oil change. The other thing you need to keep in mind is that all engines are different and so your mileage will vary. It is at this point that you can decide to change your oil and use the new Fuchs Titan-GT1. While the lubricant is normally quite challenging to find, you should be able to find it at our online store at a competitive price.

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