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Why buy the Fuchs Titan-Supersyn 5W-40 synthetic motor oil?

The Fuchs Titan-Supersyn 5W-40 is a new and improved ultra-high performance, synthetic, fuel economic engine oil which is meant for use in all types of vehicles. The multi-grade engine oil can be used around the year in all kinds of driving conditions. It’s excellent cold flow metrics ensure that your engine receives rapid lubrication during cold starts. Plus, it flows through all parts of the engine guaranteeing improved fuel economy while at the same time lower friction and wear. It also ensures maximum oil pressure when the car is driven at highway speeds. The Supersyn line of FUCHS oil can be used in both diesel and gasoline engine vehicles. Also, it is both a summer and winter oil. While the motor oil can be mixed with other high-performance hydrocarbon-based motor oil, the company strongly advises that it not be combined with other oil and instead a complete oil change should be executed.

Should you mix motor oil?

One of the questions that many people ask is if they are using Fuchs Titan-Supersyn 5W-40 can they mix it with another high-quality synthetic oil like Shell’s Helix of the same viscosity. Yes, you can, and Fuchs permits it though it is not ideal. According to many studies mixing motor oil like this will improve the viscosity of existing oil if its old but will not do a whole lot of good for your engine. If anything you’re wasting the new oil. If you are going to buy a bottle of new motor oil, then might as well change the oil changed. Changing the oil improves engine performance across the board. Also, if you've had good results using the Fuchs Titan, then continue using it. The only thing you should make sure is never to delay your oil change by merely mixing in new oil. Keep in mind that the oil does not only lose its lubrication properties but also the additives which help protect the engine.

Get genuine engine oil today has been selling an excellent range of high-quality motor oil for an array of vehicles and from a number of brands. Fuchs is one of the leading brands of motor oil and comes highly recommended by car manufacturers in Europe. The Fuchs Titan-Supersyn 5W-40 you buy from us is competitively priced. However, we strongly advise that before buying the 5W-40 motor oil make sure to consult with the car’s user manual to make sure it is recommended. Once assured you can make your purchase and we’ll have the motor oil delivered to your doorstep as is with all the products at