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Why is GM-OPEL 10W-40 recommended for use?

Many mechanics in the UK, as well as online stores, recommend that people use GM-OPEL 10W-40. While it is regarded as a relatively unknown name in the lubricant industry, the company is credited with manufacturing some of the best engine oils and that too at a competitive price. Being a multi-grade oil means that it can be used in a variety of engine types and it can be used in almost all weathers. Plus, it has been manufactured using state of the art technology ensuring the utmost clarity with top of the line additives.

Keeps the engine clean and cool

The semi-synthetic grade oil GM 10W-40 can be used in both gasoline multi valve engines and ones with a turbo charger. It is also designed for use in Diesel engines. One of the biggest selling points of the GM-OPEL 10W-40 is its excellent fluidity which keeps it in constantly in circulation even at low temperatures. At high temperatures, it prevents the buildup of sludge and improves lubrication which in turn keeps the engine cooler. A cool engine also means better performance under very stressful circumstances.

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