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Why is gear oil so important?


Gear oil is an oil as the term suggests because it is meant to keep the transmission well lubricated making changing gears easier. So, gear oil is similar to ATF, but it’s meant for a manual transmission system. Gear oil is of a slightly higher viscosity which ensures that your vehicle’s transmission is protected from extensive wear. A higher viscosity oil provides good protection, but thicker oil than what is recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer can cause drag. So the oil needs to be just right.


When should the gear oil be changed?


Exactly when the gear oil is changed will depend on the vehicle you drive and how much it is driven as well as the driving conditions. Car owners in most cases are required to replace the gear oil every few thousand kilometres usually between 50,000 to 80,000 KMs. To determine the best time for your vehicle’s oil change, refer to the car’s user manual and keep a track of your last oil change. Keeping a written record of when the gear oil is changed will ensure that your vehicle is maintained optimally.


Buying the best possible gear oil


To purchase the best gear oil it is important to choose a brand that’s known to manufacture quality lubricants. At, we sell branded and high-quality gear oil by well-known brands such as Castrol, Comma, and FUCHS. So, we ensure that you’re always buying the highest quality oil for your car. To find out more about buying the right gear oil for your car do not hesitate to get in touch with us over the phone or via email for assistance.