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Why is good brake-fluid so important?

To understand the importance of high-quality fluid, it’s imperative to know how the braking system works. Modern braking systems use hydraulics comprised of tubes, washers, and air pressure. Each time you depress the brake pedal the fluid is compressed which multiplies the force and sends it to the brake pads which in turn stops or slows down the wheels. High-quality brake-fluid has the ability to transfer this power multiple times with accuracy and without damaging the internal components. It goes without saying that high-quality fluid will continue to keep your brake lines free of debris, and not cause the washers or the pipes to leak prematurely.

How to buy the right fluid your car?

Usually, brake-fluid uses what’s called a dot value for instance Dot 3, Dot 4, etc. All cars use a slightly different type of brake fluid depending on how they are designed. So, before you buy fluid make sure to refer to the car’s user manual or call the manufacturer to confirm the correct Dot value of the fluid. Once you know that, the next step is to buy fluid by a well-known or reputed brand in the industry. That way you can be sure of the quality.

We sell branded brake oil

We sell brake oil by only well-known brands like ‘High Performer. However, you can choose any brand recommended by your car’s manufacturer. At, we sell branded oils at discounted prices. So, you save money each time you order brake-fluid from us.