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Introducing the latest Liqui-Moly Top Tec 4200

The Liqui-Moly Top Tec 4200 motor oil is the latest introduction to the company’s line of premium lubricants. It is a fully synthetic motor oil using state of the art technology ensuring that it is favorable for all seasons and both gas and diesel powered passenger vehicles. Diesel engines fitted with a particulate filter as per Euro 4 emissions standards will need to change the oil as per manufacturer recommendations. While the oil is rated for universal usage across all vehicles, it is best suited for Audi and VW group of vehicles as well as Renault, BMW, and Mercedes.

How Top Tec 4200 improves engine performance?

Liqui-Moly combines a number of unconventional base oils via HC synthetic technology which also includes a new combo of additives. The company guarantees that it will protect the engine against excessive wear and also reduce fuel consumption. The unique formulation speeds up oil penetration through the engine. Plus, it ensures that a car can run up to 50,000 km on a single oil change or two years for cars that have low mileage. The fuel economy is made possible by reducing friction and by depositing an oil film to strengthen resistance to overall aging which has been tested on German made petrol and diesel engines.

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