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Why should you use Mobil-1 ESP 5W-30?

Well, this is a question that we get asked a lot, and the prime reason for any vehicle owner to consider buying the Mobil-1 ESP 5W-30 is because it is a premium quality synthetic motor oil. It is designed and manufactured by Exxon Mobil’s lubricant division. The motor oil also comes highly recommended by vehicle manufacturers like Porsche, VW, and Fiat, etc. Then there is also the fact that it is recommended by automotive industry experts. So, you can’t go wrong with the ESP brand of motor oil. However, the critical thing to keep in mind when buying any motor oil is to make sure that it has engine cleaning technology, is made from high-quality base oils and has been tested in your car’s engine. Usually, car manufacturers will test that brand of motor oil in the engine before recommending it.

What are the qualities of the ESP line of engine oil?

The ESP brand by Mobil has been around for a while, and it uses a number of patented technologies. However, specifically speaking the Mobil-1 ESP 5W-30 is more of a winter oil but it can also be used during the summers in the UK too. Even though being multi-graded is nothing new, the use of patented additives in the motor oil makes it highly effective at preventing engine wear. It is also highly effective at cleaning debris from the engine and improving overall lubrication. Better lubrication instantly translates to improved fuel economy regardless of the engine. That said before you choose a 5W-30 oil always make sure that it is listed in your car’s user manual as a recommended oil. We don’t advise using motor oil that your car’s manufacturer does not endorse.

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