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Why should you use Engine-oil Mobil-1?


Exxon Mobil is one of the leading if not the leading manufacturer of engine oil in the world. The Mobil 1 is one of Exxon’s flagship oil meant for high-performance vehicles and daily drivers alike. It sits on top of a long line of high-quality synthetic engine oils which are meant for everything from older combustion engines to the latest fuel-efficient vehicles. The Engine-oil Mobil-1 can be used in modern cars, and vans. Its unique formula helps to keep the engine clean and protect it from extended wear and tear. Exxon has extensively tested it in an array of vehicles across dozens of scenarios. Plus, it has been improved considerably over the years with the latest formulation meant for newer, more efficient vehicles introduced each year.


How to change the engine oil and when?


We need to start off by saying that all vehicles are different. Even vehicles by the same manufacturer will vary in engine capacity, size, shape, and technology. This is why the engine oil change duration differs too. Some engines require a more frequent oil change than others. Generally speaking, if you’re using good engine oil like the Engine-oil Mobil-1, then it does not have to be changed sooner than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Good engine oils last longer, they also help keep the engine cool and clean especially when it is stressed. The other good thing about the Mobil-1 is the use of additives which make it the perfect oil for both cold and hot weather driving. All you need is to buy the right viscosity based on what is recommended by the manufacturer. Interestingly many car makers also recommend Mobil-1.


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