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The Motul Specific Motor Oil

The ‘Specific’ brand of Motul engine oil is specifically meant for engines that undergo a lot of wear and tear. Mainly cars that are heavily driven and on often rough roads will benefit from this motor oil. Also, older vehicles with badly maintained engines will experience a slight boost in performance because it helps keep the engine clean. However, depending on the grade of ‘Specific’ oil you buy, it can be used in both old and new engines alike. That said ones meant for older engines offer more detergent qualities and better engine parts protection which is why they are slightly more expensive.

How Specific Motor oil works?

The most popular Specific oil is the 8100 X-Clean. The oil has been specifically engineered for roughly driven vehicles which require extra cleaning and protection. It is for this reason that it is labeled as ‘clean.' Newer cars that are driven carefully with timely oil changes can benefit from the Specific 5W-30 or Eco-clean Plus 5W-30 both oils offer excellent protection and initial lubrication. That said the Eco-Clean Plus offers improved fuel economy and can last for up to 50,000 KMs or two years whichever may be the case. Though it’s always a good idea to refer to your vehicle’s user manual for oil change intervals and to use the right grade.

Buy only original Motul oils

As one of the most popular brands of engine oil, it comes as to surprise that they are many who use the brand name to sell low-quality oils. At we only sell original oils by all brands and that too at highly competitive prices. Save money each time you buy engine oils from us.