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The Motul 5W-50 fully synthetic engine oil

Motul is a renowned name in the motor oil industry. The company has over the years introduced various grades of car, truck and motorcycle oil. The Motul 5W-50 boasts of providing engines with the ability to perform better thanks to improved thermal stability during the most severe driving conditions. The engine oil is composed of a special ester technology which pushes an engine to maximum horsepower, and torque while ensuring complete protection against excessive wear and tear. The oil also works well in engines which need to deal with medium to high fuel dilation.

Is 5W-50 the right oil for your car’s engine

The Motul 5W-50 can be used in cars with an array of engine types. However, some vehicle manufacturers may not recommend a 5W50 grade and may instead suggest 5W30 or 5W40. In either case, we have the complete range of Motul oils. But it’s always a good idea to refer to your vehicle’s manual to determine which grade oil to purchase. All Motul oils ensure excellent oil flow and almost immediate oil pressure from a cold start right through increasing pressure as the rev range increases.

Buy oils at discounted prices

We currently sell an array of high-performance engine oils for all types engines and for all vehicles. Motul is one of the many brands of motor oil you can buy. Buy the Motul 5W-50 engine oil today at and get a discount while keeping your engine performing optimally.