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A Peep Into The History Of Prestone

Prestone is one of the leading American fluid manufacturers that manufactures and markets break fluids, power steering fluids, antifreeze, coolant, and windshield washer fluids. The main product of Prestone is the antifreeze/coolant. It has been protecting the vehicle cooling systems since 1927. The different car and other vehicle maintenance products are sold in over 65 countries all over the world. The popular Prestone antifreeze coolants can be used on all types of vehicles. This company also makes quality car maintenance products to meet the needs of the modern-day diesel and gasoline passenger cars. The products from Prestone are made under stringent test conditions to offer quality car care, be it the engine or the external parts of the car.

The Key Features Of Prestone Antifreeze Coolants

The Prestone antifreeze coolant is made in such a way that it is ready to use on all types of vehicles. This mixture is a thick one and needs to be diluted in the ration 50:50 before pouring it into the engine cooling system. The antifreeze fluid will safely protect the radiator and the engine up to -37 degrees C. It will last up to 5 years or for 240,000 kms. The coolant fluids will prevent overheating and freezing to a greater extent. This Prestone coolant can be used for both the diesel and the petrol engines. This is one product that can be used in the radiator system on every car. It can be mixed with any other existing colored antifreeze. The Cor-Guard formula is an advanced corrosion fighting formulation that will prevent the cavitations and the corrosion to slow down the engine performance.

The Importance Of Using Prestone Antifreeze Coolants

The Prestone antifreeze coolant will help in preventing the wear and tear on the engine and its parts. It will help in improving the life of the engine. The coolant will prevent the corrosion of the engine and will make the cooling system perform at its optimum for many kilometers. The damages caused by the worn-out antifreeze liquid in the cooling system will be reduced when the new Prestone coolant is added to the system. These coolant fluids are the most suitable for protecting the radiator systems in the vehicle and also ensure that the life of the engine is prolonged. The best place to buy quality Prestone antifreeze coolant is