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Why manufacturers recommend Petronas Engine oil

Petronas is without a doubt one of the leading names in the vehicle lubricant industry. The company has a history of developing new and improved formulas which have lead to its widespread acceptance in Europe. Petronas Engine oil is mainly designed for the latest engines which are meant to be economic as well as geared towards high performance. However, these engines also have special lubricating requirements since they need to pass stringent emissions tests. So, whenever a vehicle in the UK is doubt about an engine oil to buy experts recommend Petronas.

How well does CoolTech work?

Petronas Engine oil takes full advantage of what the brand calls CoolTech technology. The technology helps keep specific parts of the engine cool even when under a tremendous amount of stress. It is worth noting that an engine is under the most stress during start and stop traffic as well as when carrying heavy loads. When the stress is minimized its possible to extend the life of the engine because there is also minimum wear. Plus all Petronas’ lubricants keep the engine clean.

Motor oil that you can always trust sells an assortment of branded engine oil. We like to think that all brands of motor oil available on our website are by reputed companies that have a great reputation. However, Petronas Engine oil seems to have one of the best reputations especially in the UK. The good news is that you can buy Petronas oils at competitive prices at