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How good is Pennasol 5W-20 motor oil?

The Pennasol 5W-20 as it is commonly referred to is the brand’s premium line of motor oil for passenger cars in the UK. Pennasol is a European brand known for producing quality lubricating oils for an assortment of European vehicle manufacturers. Brands like BMW and VW recommend that car owners use genuine Pennasol oil in their vehicle. That said the oil can also be used in Japanese imports as well as American cars if the 5W-20 viscosity has been listed for use in the users’ manual. Make sure to check your car’s manual before buying a particular viscosity.

Features offered by Pennasol 5W-20

In addition to all the standard features like high heat tolerance and engine protection Pennasol 5W-20 also has engine cleaning properties. The synthetic composition of the oil coupled with the use of an assortment of additives means that it has the ability to keep your engine clean by draining sludge and residue. Drivers will experience an improved performance by using it. Also, the company claims that the oil can extend the life of an engine by minimizing wear and tear. Additionally, most people choose the Pennasol brand because it is highly recommended by vehicle manufacturers across Europe.

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