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Syntium 7000 E 0W-30
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Why should you buy the Petronas 0W-30?

The Petronas 0W-30 is also referred to as the Syntium 5000; it is considered the next generation of synthetic multigrade motor oil. It has been engineered to far exceed the newly established ILSAC GF-4 as well as the API SM grade standard which is meant for all the latest generations of motor oil. This is especially true for vehicles fitted with the new emission control devices. The new formulation is environmentally friendly and provides exceptional thermal as well as oxidation stability which minimizes oil thickening at high temperatures. Plus, controls the buildup of deposits while reducing engine wear.

How does the Syntium 5000 benefit UK drivers?

The new formulation has been extensively tested on the race track by F1 experts. It is a superior performance lubricant which also guarantees better fuel economy. Additionally, it boosts engine torque and power, enabling quicker acceleration. Experts who have tested the oil found that it keeps the engine exceptionally clean and protects against varnish deposits and sludge. It also has the ability to minimize startup friction which is considered a significant source of wear in daily driven vehicles.

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