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Syntium 800 EU 10W-40
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Why buy the Petronas 10W-40 Motor oil?


The new and improved Petronas 10W-40 also called the Syntium 800 takes advantage of the company’s revolutionary new CoolTech technology. According to Petronas, the new technology helps to minimize engine wear by keeping specific, high tension parts of the engine cool. By targeting specific parts within the engine, it is able to maximize performance even under extreme loads. The benefit to vehicle owners is that it extends engine life considerably. The major advantage of the 10W-40 viscosity oil is that it is comparatively cost effective for European cars.


When should the engine oil be changed?


Changing the engine oil is a major part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. However, many vehicle owners tend to lose track of their previous oil change and rely on either the texture of the oil or its smell to determine if it needs to be changed. The truth is whether you’re using the Petronas 10W-40 or any other high-quality engine oil for that matter, it does break down and with when it does your engine is left unprotected. Always refer to the car’s user manual to determine when to change the oil and keep track of each change.


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