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Syntium 5000 CP 5W-30
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How good is Petronas 5W-30 motor oil?

Also referred to as Syntium 800, the latest formulation benefits from the company’s trademarked CoolTech technology. The latest technology helps to fight extremely high engine heat which can often be the result of stop and start driving conditions. Driving with heavy loads can also put a lot of stress on the engine. The Petronas 5W-30 is capable of targeting specific heat zones and regulates their temperature. The approach helps the engine continue performing optimally while reducing wear. The motor oil is recommended for use in all passenger vehicles and high-performance cars.

Is a 5W-30 Motor oil right for your vehicle?

Determining the right motor oil for your car is something that can be done by reading through the vehicle’s user manual. The manual should list all the recommended motor oils as well as brands. However, the Petronas 5W-30 can be used in any vehicle that lists 5W-30 as the one of the motor oils. That said if you are not sure about which lubricant to use we suggest that you consult a mechanic or ask the vehicle manufacturer about it.

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