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Why get the Petronas Two-stroke-oil?


Petronas is one of the most reputed names in the European lubricant industry. The company’s Petronas Two-stroke-oil benefits from the latest formulation which is intended to boost performance. Over the past few years the company has been working on a number of additives which help clean the engine, remove debris and improve startup. The latest formulation does all of that and more. So, whether you own a motorcycle or any other two stroke engine the latest formula will certainly be worth considering.


When should two stroke engine oil be changed?


The one thing about two stroke engines is that they are all slightly different. Each manufacturer has put their own twist on the engine which means that some can work longer with the same oil than others. Importantly it is your job to check the vehicle’s user manual to figure out how many kilometers can be driven on a single oil change. Ideally you’ll want to leave some margin for error by changing the oil earlier than later. The same goes for Petronas Two-stroke-oil which does last longer but it shouldn’t be used any longer than is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.


The largest selection of engine oil currently has one of the largest selections of genuine oil in the UK. The Petronas Two-stroke-oil is just one of the many brands of two stroke lubricant available.