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What exactly is Anti-freeze Prestone?

Prestone happens to be one of the most popular brands of anti-freeze. Originally established in 1927, it has been one of the most trusted names for the past 90 years. The company has manufactured literally dozens of formulations each better than the next over the years which has helped vehicles combat harsh conditions. Today, as automobiles become increasingly complex their reliance on antifreeze has changed and so it is now more important than ever before to buy the best product out there. The Anti-freeze Prestone is without a doubt one of the leading brands of antifreeze and comes highly recommended by experts and automotive manufacturers alike. The one unique feature of their anti-freeze is that it can help vehicles withstand the harshest of winter and so you can be assured that sub-zero temperatures will no longer cause your coolant lines to bust or leak.

When to add antifreeze to coolant?

Now, this is a question that man people ask and the reason why they ask is that most if not all coolants come with antifreeze. Almost any coolant you can think of already has antifreeze added so that people don’t need to add more. That said many times despite the antifreeze that’s already added, the coolant may still freeze. The anti-freeze may only be good until a specific temperature but will then not work anymore. For instance, in certain parts of the UK, you may need to add antifreeze because when the temperature goes below -5 centigrade the coolant freezes. So, the best time to add the anti-freeze is in December when the temperatures are nearing subzero. That’s also an excellent time to buy Anti-freeze Prestone which can be difficult especially since it is in high demand but we normally have it in stock.

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