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Why should you buy the Repsol 5W-40?


The Repsol 5W-40 is a synthetic engine oil which is designed for use in all modern passenger cars. Its use of special additives makes it the best choice for both diesel and petrol powered engines. Plus, its thermal stability component ensures much lower oil deterioration even after months of use. So, you can expect much longer oil change periods. The other advantage worth mentioning is its resistance to shearing. Plus, low cold temperature viscosity in addition to good fluidity has proven to favor quick engine start-ups, and it effectively protects the engines with hydraulic tappets.


How good is the Respol brand?


Respol has been one of the leading manufacturers of lubricating oils for cars, vans, and trucks in Europe for a long time. One of the reasons for its popularity has been the use of high quality base oils which results in high shear which means minimized wear and tear even under extreme driving conditions. Plus, tests conducted by Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz has proven that the oil is capable of significant engine cleanliness which in turn means longer engine life. It adheres to quality levels VW 501.01/505.00, API SL/CF, MB 229.1, etc.


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