Buy SHELL 0W-30 Engine oil

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Why people choose Shell 0W-30?

Shell is without a doubt one of the most established names in the automotive lubricant industry. In today’s world, the motor oil needs to keep pace with the ever changing demands of the latest engines. Shell has been able to do just that by formulating new ways of producing synthetic base oils usually made from natural gas using the patented PurePlus Technology. The Shell 0W-30 benefits from this technology as it's included in the Helix Ultra range of top motor oil. Additionally, Shell oils boast of various other features that can be a boon for vehicle owners.

Shell oil features

Perhaps one of the best features of the Shell 0W-30 is its engine cleaning technology dubbed Active Cleaning Technology. It allows the oil to literally clean the engine much better and offer increased protection compared to other oils in the industry. It also prevents the buildup of sludge ensuring that the engine is closer to the cleanliness of a brand new engine. Plus the low friction and viscosity dynamics ensure 2.2% increased fuel economy and no loss of power or economy even after driving 100,000 km. Additionally, it's better fluidity ensures quicker cold starts. The motor oil can be used in biodiesel, ethanol and gasoline engine vehicles.

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