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Rimula R6 M 10W-40
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What is new with the Shell 10W-40?


The Shell 10W-40 synthetic motor oil features what they call PurePlus. The new technology helps to clean debris and sludge from the engine efficiently and quickly. That cleaning technology makes it possible for older engines to perform better. Not to mention the fact that it can extend engine life considerably especially if used from the beginning in new cars. Additionally, it helps protect the engine against wear and tear often associated with daily traffic and multiple startups during the day. The 10W-40 by Shell can be used in gas, diesel and gasoline engines.


Why is synthetic oil better than mineral oil


Synthetic oil is uniquely formulated with all the qualities of traditional mineral oil but better. However, lubricants like the Shell 10W-40 make sure of both mineral base stocks and synthetic oil to help the product achieve a higher level of performance. The other reason for using synthetic oil, in general, is the fact that companies like Shell can add a list of additives which help keep the engine clean. Also, the oil can be formulated based on the needs of the latest eco-friendly engines.


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